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To CD or not to CD, that is the Question

Can't decide whether or not to buy that CD from that guy, you know, with that good song...what's it called again?  Well, I'm here to give you the dish on a few alternative CDs you may be considering.

Americana- The Offspring
Rating: ** (Out of 5)
The Dish:  Maybe it's just me, but I was totally unimpressed by this CD.  I was a fan of the Offspring when they were a humble little punk band, but now that they've become really mainstream, it seems like they aren't making music for the sake of music anymore.  And how many times do I need to know that all the girlies say I'm pretty fly for a white guy?  I believe Fuel guitarist Brett Scallions said it best when he was quoted saying,"I can't understand how in the hell Offspring is selling how they are.  The songs are so hokey, novelty crap . . . I can't stand it." I would save my 18 bucks and buy one of the older Offspring albums instead.

Prolonging the Magic- Cake
Rating: *****+(Out of 5)
The Dish:  One of the best CDs in my collection.   Their previous albums were great (Motorcade of Generosity and Fashion Nugget), and this one just tops the charts.  It's a CD with a range of sounds and topics, and it is a definate must have for anyone who finds themself humming "Never There" at any point in the day.

Mechanic Animals- Marilyn Manson
Rating:  ***** (Out of 5)
The Dish:  Even if you aren't a Manson fan, this CD is absolutely essential.  It's much more laid back than Antichrist Superstar and Smells Like Children.  It has such intoxicating songs as "I don't like the Drugs, but the Drugs Like Me" and "The Dope Show."  As well as some other great songs that are sure to become your faves. (Mine: Break the Speed of Pain)