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My cousin and I had the chance to experience an awesome 98 concert live!  It was the best concert I have ever been to!  It was the All That Tour here in Kansas City at Sandstone.  Drew looked SO hot!  Below you can read my cousin's report of the HOT 98 concert live!

CD_Front.jpg (79865 bytes)  My favorite and best experience ever was the one I spent with my cousin.  We finally after looking everywhere for them got tickets to "All That And More Festival" at Sandstone Ampitheatre in Kansas City.  We arrived late as usual for our family.  We were in the second section from the front. Great seats for getting tickets so late.  We got there and the first thing we got were our stuff of 98. We both got a program.  Kim got a t-shirt and I got a photo pack (Nick you're always looking great to me!) We went to our seats and tried to wait patiently until 98 came on, but Kim was starving and smelling everyone's nacho's.   That was hard cause we didn't have enough money for food cause we were a quarter short.  Well Monica gave a great performance!  After she got off I was so pumped up and ready for 98 to get on stage and do their thang!!!  Their entrance was so awesome.  They came out in face mask and then stepped to the music (kind of like a robot!)  98 was on for about a hour and their voices sound even better in person.   They even sang "Pretty Fly for a White Guy" and other songs.  I would have to say this was the best experience ever.  Hope that everyone can go see their favorite band or singer perform.  You'll never forget it, like I won't.   Thanks for listening to my experience and hope you all can go see your's for yourself. Love always--vice-prez Lisa

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