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TruEntertainment Sponsorship Program...We now sponsor zines and sites!! All for affordable prices!!

We have made some changes!! Due to me losing money!!

  Cost: $2.50 for your first four months. After your first four months is up, we'll contact you personally, and then it's only a $2 a month thereafter. I am sorry for having to raise the prices. But those that I have already made agreements to sponsor with, don't worry about this until your first four months is over. I'm SO sorry about this!!

Requirements: Must place my banner on your webpage-if you have one. Site/zine must not contain or promote profanity, racism, or links to adult sites! Must also place either a link or ad in your issues and updates.

  What You Get: Unlimited amount of TruFacts Sheets & Pic of their fav star, and one poster within your first four months.

Please choose one of these banners to place on your webpage.
Please use this form to submit your winner, or send the information to Kymberli.
To become sponsored by us, please fill out this form!

There has been editors interested in our sponsorship program!