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Tru Ads

Here is our Ads section. If you have an ad that fits one of the following categories, contact the person indicated there and request for a submit Ad form for that section.


Our Sponsors:

Hey Webbers,
Just to give you a little info update on when you are going to be getting the best teen site delivered to ya, we plan on putting it out there in 45 days!! I bet you can hardly wait. But in the meantime, don't forget to register for your chance to win some kick butt prizes including cash and a laptop!!! You can register at and it is totally free!!! I hope to see your name in our drawing for the prizes. Oh, yeh....make sure you tell all of your friends about us!
--Mike Ward

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Stop in anytime at: Gwen and Gary

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The cool company.
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  Friendship Bracelets Galore!
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  Plus FBG is combining with
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  Please do NOT E-mail FBG or CK company asking for sponsorship info.

Do you want to sponsor us or know someone who does? Email Kymberli!!

We Sponsor YOU!:

Name/or company name: Steph'sBeads&Ect.
What you offer: jewelry,ect.
Requirements: put me on your site if you want sponsored
Cost: $1.00
Website URL:
How to contact you: or
Anything else we need to know? Not really,just check out my sites....

Name/or company name: *HeR*
What you offer: nail polish, hair clips, scrunchies. (later, we'll add to this)
Requirements: must not promote adult sites, profanity, ect.!!  Must place our ad in your zine and our banner on your site (if any)
Cost: $2.00 a month
Website URL: don't have one right now for our sponsorship
How to contact you:

Name/or company name: TruEntertainment
What you offer: tru-fact sheet and a pic of your fav star! (later we'll have posters, keychains, better pics of your fav star)
Requirements: Sites/zines must not support adult sites, profanity, ect!  Must place our banner on your site (if any), and place our Ad in your zine.  For more thorough explaination visit
Cost: $1.00 a month, activation fee is 50 (but that $1.50 your first month lasts for 4 months, after that you start paying a dollar every month to stay a member)
Website URL:
How to contact you: or to sign up visit site.
Anything else we need to know? We also hold contests so that you may win prizes for your zine!!

If you sponsor zines/sites and would like to have your ad placed here, email Kymberli!! This will send an automatic request for a form. We'll contact you ASAP. Thanx!


Name: *HeR*
Needed: more columnists and sub-columnists; a webmaster; a co-editor
Contact: or visit site:

Is there something you need? Sister zines, ad swaps, writers, ect? Then place a needed ad here by emailing Lisa!! This send an automatic request for a needed form. We'll get back to you ASAP. Thanx!

I'm a Proud Member Of:

Zine eXchange
Please visit their site and tell them TruEntertainment sent ya!! Help us to become the Featured Zine of The Week!!
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Zine Ads:

Names & Emails:
Editor: Nicole
Zine Name: ~*ShE*~ Magazine
Describe: This zine comes out monthly to your e-mail box. It's for girls 11-19 from all around the world. It includes: fashion, advice, horoscopes, contests, sponsors, and more! We even have a banner/zine ad exchange.
Check it out today!
It's 100% FREE!
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Names & Emails: Editor:Rachel
Zine Name: The Official Girlz Mag
A cool girlz mag bursting with stuff like advice, horoscopes, friendship and boy tests, stuff on guys, info on celebrities, contests, fashion, beauty and much, much more!! It comes out once a month! So, if you haven't already, go subscribe!!!
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Names & Emails:
Name of Zine: Teen Angels
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Names & Emails:
Name of Zine/Site: *Adz Center*
Who to contact to subscribe (or how):E-mail to subscribe
Describe: *The Center For All Your Adz* My zine will help improve your zine. It also has many articles. When subscribing be sure to include your zine's ad!
Subscribe} {Website} {Questions}

Editor: Sniffelz Co-Editor: Parismimi4
Name of Zine: *WOW*
Describe: Are YoU someone who like 100% FREE things? Do you enjoy to read about your favorite stars, participate in surveys and polls, and get LuV advice, and mor every single month? AND it is for GUYS and GIRLS both? Subscribe to *WOW* today!
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Prez: Sniffelz Co-Chief: Parismim4
Name of Zine: !whOa!
Describe: heY! How would a % 100 % Free e- zine sound? That's what I thought. This has everything in it and more. All you have to do is join. This is our sister zine; cause it is related to WoW!! You will get this whOa once a month packed with stuff. Such as: Advice from Girls, Advice from Guys, Poemz, Embarassing Moments, Lyrics, Health and Beauty, Cool Links, Polls, Surveys, Quizzes, Say What?, On my Mind
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Editor~n~Chief: LuckDuckie Co-Editor: WebDiva45
Name of Zine:
***c h a o s***
Describe: From the creator of Angels 'Zine and DoLLfACe 'Zine, and the maker of SuN Catcha*s, they bring you.. . c h a o s .! . C h a o s . is not like other 'Zines, it features many articles, contests and more! When you subscribe to . c h a o s ., you will recieve a complimentary ~>*Information*<~ packet telling you MORE about . c h a o s .! . C h a o s . is for and girlz ONLY, ages 0 and up!

Editor: Sweethe555
Zine: Teen Revolution T h e T e e n s o f T o d a y
Describe: How many times have you wished about the perfect e-zine? Well, Teen Revolution is what your looking for! It's a great free e-zine that offers many articles dealing with teens today. We are even sponsored by Steve Madden and Zooko!!

President: Lynn Vice-President: Sara
Name of Zine: The *NSyncerz
Describe: Do you just luv *N Sync? Want to win *N Sync prizes? Want tons of free stuff on 'em? Want to join a cool FREE *N Sync newsletter? If You Answer Yes To These Questions.. Why Don't You Join The *NSyncerz

President: Editor:
Zine: Stick.of.Butter
Describe: No External Beauty, only internal--where it matters! :o) Real Life stories, huge Entertainment section! We also sponsor magazines!!


Editor: Kymberli
Zine: *HeR* Zine...The Zine Made Just For HeR...
Describe: The FREE zine for grrlies. Feature stuff like fashion, beauty, advice, interview the GuyS, the tube, music, and much more.
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If you would like to place your zine's ad here, please email us here!! This will send an automatic request for an ad swap form. Thanx!

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